West Africa

Meet the stunning textiles of West Africa. Featuring Ankara from Nigeria, Ghaian Kente and hand-loomed Manjak from Senegal.

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What's a Portmanteau?

Portmanteau is a word created by combining the sounds and meanings of two words.

"Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch"

We make cultural Portmanteaus.

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Discover, share and celebrate who you are.

Our products have started some great conversations about cultural identities and what it means to be mixed-race in America.

  • Multicultural

    We feature iconic textiles from around the world and design our products to showcase cultures coming together.

  • Authentic

    We want to celebrate, not exploit, cultures. We strive to source cultural fabrics that are locally and responsibly made from around the world.

  • Engaging

    We want our products to help you tell your story to the people in your lives. Consider these the new conversation pieces.

  • Mindful

    Being a mindful brand means we make every decision based not just
    on our bottom line, but on how we impact the people and the world around us.

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