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10 Best Places to Shop If You're mixed-race.

Meet these champions of mixed-race identity.  From cool graphic tees that show off your proud multiracial heritage to hair care that helps your unique locks stay gorgeous, we have compiled the ultimate list of shopping places for our mixed-race friends.  

1. Mosaic the label  : Designed for mixed kids, by mixed kids.

This is where you want to shop for fresh and edgy self affirming goods for mixed race folks.  Their offerings range from stylish ampersand sweatshirts to sardonic and witty enamel pins with sayings like ‘Nah, Not the Nanny.”  Their online store is truly a treasure trove of original goodies for anyone looking to find a special gift for someone who’s proud of their mixed heritage. 

Nah, not the nanny pin    

2. Mixed Chicks : They’re all about hair care. 

 This brand is the answer to any multiracial people with hair woes.  If you have mixed race kids, it can definitely be a challenge to master their hair care.  My daughter’s hair has a very different texture to mine, and it took me many years to figure out how to manage/style her hair. 

Mixed Chicks hair products are geared towards taming hard to tame locks and to cater to different combinations of hair types.  They have a dedicated kids line as well as a wide array of adult hair care products that targets different needs.   

3. Mixed Up Clothing: Gorgeous multicultural children's apparel.

This brand wants your multiracial child to feel seen and celebrated.  From the adorable alphabet onesies featuring foods from all over the world to cool multilingual ‘hello’ graphic tees, Mixed Up Clothing is serious about helping mixed-race kids be represented.  As an added bonus, their line can be found at Macy’s for an easy shopping experience. 

Mixed Up Clothing

4. All of Us : They’re more than just crayons. 

The ethos of All of Us is such a simple but a powerful one.   Every mixed-race and BIPOC family with kids probably experienced the moment when you reach for a crayon to draw your family and realize that there are no crayons that match the color of your family’s skin.  This brand offers inclusive colors to represent all the varied skin-tones of people of all races.  Not gonna lie-  They made me cry a little. 

Most notably, they made THE list of all lists, Oprah's Favorite Things in 2021.  So go buy these beautiful crayons and ask your kiddos to draw you a family portrait. 

All of Us crayons round   

5. Mixed Nation : Largest multicultural community online.

Mixed Nation is technically a non-profit organization with a line of products like t-shirts and accessories like hats and socks that aim to provide diversity and inclusion.  Among their bold and youthful apparel options, my personal favorite is their clever ’eracism’ t-shirt.  

6. Multiracial Books : Picture books celebrating multiracial identity.

Don’t make the mistake I made trying to explain being mixed race to my young, very young children.  (Read about why my kids believed that they were ‘half raisins’ from the talk gone awry about being biracial.)  Maybe start your kids on the journey of discovering their cultural identity by reading one of these fabulous picture books that introduce what it’s like to be in a multiracial family.  These books can be great conversation starters for the whole family.       

Honeysmoke and Chicken Soup, Chicken Soup books


7. Multicultural Bookstore and Gifts  : It’s like a neighborhood bookstore. Except better. 

With a broad selection of books by BIPOC authors for both adults and kids, this virtual bookstore has an emphasis on celebrating multiculturalism and diversity.  Their focus goes beyond the experience of being multiracial, but rather on sharing the voices of people across different cultures.  I especially love that they have a story time section that offers FREE recordings of past story times that kids can listen to.  (Be sure to check out the reading of ‘I am enough’ by Grace Byers. It’s excellent!)  I certainly like the convenience of ordering from Amazon as much as the next person, but businesses like these are worth supporting.  So check out their website for free story time and order a book or two. 

8. Mixed Up Mama (UK) : Colorful happy T-shirts & a great resource for mixed race families.

With thoughtful blog posts and robust resources, Mixed Up Mama is the place to check out if you’re looking for advice or a community of moms raising mixed race kids. They also sell t-shirts and onesies with bright bold colors that offer representation of mixed race kids.  


9. Beautifully biracial (UK) : Gifts and hair care for biracial individuals.

Based out of the UK, Beautifully Biracial carries thoughtfully curated goods such as greeting cards, toys to apparel and haircare.  The brand aims to create a space beyond 

commercial goods where biracial people can look to for information and advice.  This is a great place to shop for the whole family if you’re practicing mindful shopping.  (Their website is on hiatus currently but promises to return  bigger and better.)   

10. Portmanteau Home : Modern Multicultural Home Decor & Lifestyle Goods.

In case you didn’t notice from the URL, this is my brand.  (Full disclosure!) I had to include Portmanteau Home as a part of the list, because frankly, I didn’t see any other businesses serving the needs of multiracial families wanting to create a home that reflected their unique mixed heritages.   A stylish home is great, but a meaningful home is even better.  With a rotating collection that highlights different regions each season, we bring in iconic textiles and combine them with classic American denim to show how cultures can come together.  Our colorful American Pie series are also a playful nod to the question of cultural identity.  

Portmanteau Home Pillow and wall art


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