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Holiday Decor beyond snowflakes and garlands (Part I)

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Don’t get me wrong.  I love making snowflakes with my kiddos and putting up pine-scented garlands on our mantle.  Regardless of which winter holiday you celebrate, everyone can agree that holidays are all about coming together as a family to celebrate each other.  And that makes the holidays the perfect time to reflect on your family’s history and honor your family’s heritage.  

When the holiday season comes around, we’re constantly bombarded with images of what beautiful winter home decor should look like. With so many decor products at affordable prices thanks to mass production, it’s easy to fill our homes with trendy but impersonal baubles.  Every family has a unique history and cultural heritage, so why reach for that stylish but nondescript wreath that hangs in the homes of hundreds of other families?  With a little effort, it’s easy to introduce heritage and bring authenticity to your existing holiday decor. 

This holiday season, take a moment to really examine what your homes should look like and what your homes should mean to your family.  In this two-part blog, I’ll introduce effortless but meaningful ways to decorate your homes for the holidays.  Stay tuned for more ideas!

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Bring in textures and textiles

Winter is definitely the time to mix in cozy textures like the chunky wool throws and faux-fur rugs.  It’s also the perfect time to bring in the colors of your heritage.  Are there any iconic fabrics from your culture?  If you’re of Korean heritage, perhaps you can consider using the bright colors of Saekdong fabric to embellish the wreath.  Do you share a Mexican heritage?  Rebozos make wonderful table runners and gift wraps.  If you’re Indian American, consider framing some beautiful Banarasi silk to make easy artwork that brings both sparkle and culture to your home.  Whichever holiday you celebrate and whatever heritage you want to showcase, cultural textiles are great design additions to add that extra layer of depth, color, and meaning.  Here are some ways you can incorporate the special textiles into your decor

  • Reusable and sustainable cloth gift wrapping
  • Framed as artwork
  • Ribbon for the wreath and garlands
  • Ornament accents
  • Tablescape accents (Table runner or tablecloth, make them into napkins)
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