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Loving Day: The Most Important Holiday

Yes I'm a little biased.  Loving Day may not be a federal holiday (why not??) nor does it necessarily involve cake, pie or candy.  But I say we can change all that. 

June 12 is Loving Day, the anniversary of the day that the US Supreme Court handed down the decision for the once arrested couple, Mildred and Richard Loving, the right to have their marriage recognized by law.  On this day, all the remaining anti-miscegenation laws (laws that banned interracial marriages) around the country were all struck down.  To put it simply, it’s the day that marriages like mine became legal.  

Loving Day 6.12

It’s hard to believe that despite interracials marriages existing throughout history from Pocahontas (yes that Disney princess) & John Rolfe to Frederick Douglass & Helen Pitts to Sammy Davis Jr. & May Britt, these couples were never able to legitimize their marriage.  Not only were interracial marriages not legal, these marriages were considered a felony and the couple could be arrested like the Mildred and Richard Lovings.  

I’m grateful that I live in a post Loving vs. Virginia era. I’m thankful that my marriage and my family are legitimized.  Even though the name Loving day comes from the last names of the couple, I’d like to think of the day as loving day.  To me, it’s a day to love and be loved, a day to share the love with people regardless of their superficial differences. (I mean, did anyone choose to be born a certain race?  It’s just some biology and mostly luck that we were born the race we are.  (Anti-miscegenation laws are as reasonable as dictating that tall people cannot marry short people…)

So let’s celebrate Love Day with some love.  Let’s be proud of our mixed-race families and spouses who don’t look anything like us.  Go ahead, gather your friends and family and throw a kimchi pizza party.  Maybe bake a little yuzu cheesecake while you’re at it.  

Pie Art India

If you want to be more intentional, maybe think about decorating your home with decor items that celebrate your mixed heritage like our accent pillows. Bring in some colors and patterns that represent your culture.  Give your kids visual affirmation with things around the house that reflect their ‘mixedness.’  (Some American Pie Art anyone?)  Also, keep an eye out for our Loving Day Recipe Contest for $100 gift certificate coming soon. 

If you are even more determined to support Loving Day and want to make it be a federally recognized holiday, here are some ways you can show your support.

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